For Merlowe…….

still working on getting the erotic right…….what do you think?

And this model is one whom I thank for opening up options…….

And this model is one whom I thank for opening up options…….

These are some of my more erotic work……I have various models to thank for helping me to get my voice together in my work, and will continue to grow into this art form…….there MUST be a way to convey what I think into my work, however, it is a journey replete with those who are more interested in the finance instead of the art…….but, these women who help me make up for the mercenaries I come across…..and I thank them profusely!!!

First Photoshoot of the new year—-and more to come!!!

10 posts!

10 posts!

Love your work and I am looking forward to shooting with you. it's so amazing, xoxoxo

Great—-looking forward to working with you!!

This is the first couple shot that I’ve done—-there’s art here, and I must remember to use only ONE light in oder to get this right………

These are the beginning of the erotica I was talking about—-I think that I’m on the right track; however, must try to make the B&W images a bit more in the zone system manner………

Thought here in the morning…..

I guess that I’ll have to show my new artwork here sooner or later…..but, if I am to present my ideas properly, then this would be a good place to start, so, I’ll have to post some of my more hardcore work here, and get comments from those who would be interested……..

Some of Ang’s work—-very expressive in the eyes……..


I think I may be onto something here—-my work is beginning in ernest, and I FINALLY have the models who can pose the way I need.  The ONLY thing is that I hope the images I get are good enough for the erotic art show……..


It appears that no matter HOW hard one tries, nude models are at a limited premium up here in Sacramento……perhaps I need to find others to pay and to shoot with down in the Bay area…..